SIM808 Module GPS GSM GPRS Quad-band Development Board For Ardui

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SIM808 Module GPS GSM GPRS Quad-band Development Board For Arduino

File download: http:files.banggood.com2010SKU40531-SIM808.rar

Program provided (STC121589, STM32 series):

Make a call
Answer the phone
Send text format SMS
Send Chinese SMS
Receive SMS control LED light
GPRS_TCP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_TCP program (domain name)
GPRS_UDP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_UDP program (domain name)
GPRS transparent transmission mode program
Comprehensive functional demo program (STM32)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC12)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC15)
Bluetooth test program (PPS service, Bluetooth serial)
Bluetooth phone control LED light
GPS test program


Power supply: 5-18V
Computer debugging USB - TTL
It contains a set of cell phone lithium battery power connector
It contains three LED indicators, easy debugging
It contains a Micro SIM card holder
With a set TTL serial port, compatible 2.85V, 3.3V, 5v system
It supports text messaging, phone, GPRS data, GPS, HTTP protocol, DTMF decoder, MMS, recording function, etc.

Package includes:

1 x SIM808 Module

1 SIM card installation diagram
2 Lithium battery interface
3 SIM card protection IC
4 Micro SIM card
5 Other control interface
Mic voice terminal
7 USB interface ( for upgrade use only, the default is not soldering)
8 Tantalum capacitor
9 TTL output high level selection (default 5V)
10 TTL level matching circuit
11 GSM IPX antenna interface
12 5V power supply and serial interface
13 TVS pressure pipe
14 Bluetooth antenna interface (the default is not soldering)
15 LDO power supply
1 LED light
17 GPS antenna power supply circuit
18 GPS antenna interface (default connect with active antenna)

The module basic through the serial port to send AT commands to achieve control, use this module only requires a power supply and a serial port.

Control module method:

GSM  GPRS Feature

Band GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900. SIM808

Transmit power Class 4 (2W) at GSM850 and EGSM900

Class 1 (1W) at DCS1800 and PCS1900

GPRS transfer rate GPRS data downlink transmission: max.85. kbps

GPRS data uplink transmission: max.85. kbps

SIM card interface 1.8V, 3V support 2G  3G  4G Mobile Unicom card

Serial port Supports automatic baud rate recognition: 1200bps to 115200bps

GPS Feature

Horizontal accuracy <2.5m

Speed accuracy (DGPS) 0.05m  s

Acceleration accuracy (DGPS) 0.05m  s2

Timing accuracy 10ns

Power consumption 42mA (3.8V@-130dBm, GSM IDLE)

Bluetooth feature Integrated AT command control

Fully compliant with Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR

Fully integrated PA, provides an output power of 10dbm

It supports up to four channel active ACL link

Basic Parameter

Voltage range Normal voltage: 5-18V

Polarity voltage: 5-2V

Lithium battery interface voltage 3.4V-4.4V

Power consumption Depending on the needs assessment function, recommended using power supply 12V1A

Temperature range Operating temperature: -40 &deg; C to + 85 &deg; C

Storage temperature: -45 &deg; C to + 90 &deg; C

Size 50 * 50mm

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